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Hi. I’m Gabor, the founder, and author of this website in that which mainly blog posts will publish a lot. Or in fact not a lot, but regularly and time to time. So whenever I’m ready with at least a few blog posts, then they will appear in right here. So whenever you could, please do check back later and until I’ll be ready in a few days. Whenever some new blog posts are prepared to publish, then this paragraph will disappear to give the whole space for the teaser of new blog posts.

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This is though only a placeholder here. Whereas it’s actually for a kind of dedicated writings. I call it PANIC relief support by 9abor, where 9abor is Gabor actually. So please check back later in the hope that finding the first few PANIC relief articles whenever they are ready in light of hope will appear right here. When the first few articles are ready, this paragraph will disappear to give this place for the support.

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