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About 9abor

The mission of 9abor is, first of all, to help with PANIC relief for you and others within you. First of all, I’d say: yes. That’s right. Most importantly, I want to contribute my help to your friends or anyone you know through you by helping you to get back control of your life. I like to call the PANIC as the dragon as it is virtually not far from the mythological dragon at all.

My name is Gabor, originally I’m Hungarian, and after relocation, I’m living in the UK.

I believe as I have a burning desire to help you to get better from panic so that you could do the same to others, you may know as they deserve much less suffering from their fear and panic. And I guess they will feel the same way.

Want to feel how is life without PANIC again?

In conclusion, I fully understand you.

In the first place that panicky fifteen years of my life is a significant portion of a massive reminder for me. It is always good to know what it takes like to be in the prison of panic without having any escape from it. As a result of the end of the 15 years of hell, then I was so lucky that after all, I could find the way out of fear. 

Although I had to face my deepest fears myself alone, I still very thankful to Michael Norman’s help and his panic relief program that eventually helped me becoming panic free.

I did it myself as I was who needed to face my own deepest fears, daemons, dragons. However, still, I want to thank right here for Michael Norman, who created the Panicfree.tv program that eventually helped me to be panic free.

I built this website with one goal in my head to help you realize one thing. “If I succeeded, you could succeed too” to overcome the dragon and to become PANIC relieved.

I’m here to help.

How can Gabor help? And after all, 9abor? Really?

If you ever thought about this:

“How on Earth I could find someone who had been already suffering in panic disorder or any panicky mental illness? Finding someone who knows how does it feel to be in the middle of panic? And perhaps he or she knows how can it be overcome as own experience?”

Well, there you have it, altogether the good news.

I am basically that guy who experienced that all, indeed. 

I’m Gabor or, in other words: 9abor. It is coming from my lucky number, though, just like 9.
I use it all the time. So I couldn’t resist here too.