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“Be the change”: Gandhi’s quotes are beneficial PANIC relief

I want to dedicate this article as an appreciation for a few of Gandhi’s quotes. Mostly to those that are about changing the world. But mainly I like this: “Be the change.” I can see a fantastic and beneficial panic relief in this quote. This article is about to open it up to see what and how we can extract out Gandhi’s essential truth.

In the beginning, “the earth was without form” and change

I thought after Gandhi’s one of the most famous quotes about the “change,” I perhaps start with quoting from Genesis 1 by referring to the pre-existing state of a panicky mind before any significant change to come. I like in the Genesis 1 quote as it is to be “without form.” The reason I like it because there’s no change without form and also without the “form” there’s no change. It is because the form-world is all about the constantly changing world.

It perhaps mirrors well in our minds too. We need the change, or with one of Gandhi’s quotes said, we need to “be the change” itself. 

In this article, I want to help to guide you through a mental awakening that leads you to decide to change your life to overcome depression, panic disorder, or agoraphobia. I plan here to show you that you can be the change of yourself in your daily practice until it is a beneficial panic relief for you.

How to describe a panicky mindset by Tony Robbins’ Six Human Needs?

At the personality-level, to be healthy and have enough money to fulfill our desire is critical to feeling satisfied with certainty. We also need to keep up well to fuel our curiosity, and for that, we need variety, etc.

  1. “Certainty” at the personality-level. We need to have safety and security in our life. Our mind is continuously fueling us to chase the desired level of security protection and to have enough money for at least buying food and paying the rent or mortgage. And if they are not very satisfying in one’s life, it is an inevitable source indeed to feel panicky about “certainty” in life.
  2. “Variety,” on the other hand, is the best source to fuel our natural curiosity. We are naturally curious entities. We need that to function in a way that all human seems to live their life. For that matter, we need to chase “variety” at multiple levels in our life to enjoy all sources of variety that life has to give us. Surprise and the joy or disappointment, adventures, suffering, and overcoming, falling and learning to mention just a few manifestations of the “variety.” 
  3. “Significance” is the most natural pulling force out from a trapped life by start working on something that later will inevitably provide the desired “significance.” I’d say the opposite of the significance is a depression or panic disorder that is only trying to tell us to wake up from the void and nihil.
  4. “Love and connection.” No child exists without the love and connection; we all know that. And if we don’t get enough of that, it might lead to suffering from social anxiety.

“The secret to living is giving” (Tony Robbins)

  1. “Growth” is our natural force to be more today than yesterday. Yet we tend to compare ourselves to others in which what we can see as the comparison is only a false result and depression plus/or panic disorder.
  2. “Contribution” could be a natural force to regulate the egoic mind to desire always some ridiculous things that we don’t need. Endlessly want things that are not directly useful for as instead of contributing back to our society leads us to fuel a false and misleading desire of ours. 

“Be the change,”: but how can I turn this to be a beneficial panic relief?

Maybe you’re one of many people who have regular panic attacks and a hard time coping with stress and anxiety—and perhaps wondering how it is possible to make any change to overcome the panic.

In this chapter, I’d like to give you some ideas about the power of acceptance. I’ll be honest with you right here. There is no beneficial panic relief without accepting it where you are right now. In other words, Gandhi’s quotes of changes the “be the change” could only work for you if you look carefully at where you are and accept it. 

On the other hand, you could get a brilliant inspiration from the classic Twelve-step program that is the popular program amongst Anonymous Alcoholics. There’s a part of the program that is all about admitting that one cannot control one’s alcoholism. I believe it teaches us a valuable lesson. Honestly and openly admitting the inability to control the fear that often leads us to a panic attack is the key to get better.

The acceptance of where we are, plus admitting the failure of control the fear is the only way that could eventually lead us to overcome the panic. In other words, you cannot be the change (as Gandhi’s quotes of changes go) unless the acceptance of what is with you. Then the beneficial panic relief will follow.

I created a hub or page that is part of this website. It’s a great place to start to find out more about panic relief. I call this page: PANIC relief help center.

There’s a problem: I’m changing things, but I don’t seem to change

When I was in the middle of a 15-years panic disorder that I have already overcome, I couldn’t believe that it is possible to heal from it. Its last 5-years, I started looking online if perhaps any chance to find a way out from the panic. Then I found Charles Linden’s program. That was the first one I purchased. But unfortunately, it didn’t help to get better. It was not a beneficial panic relief for my case.

My point is here if you try out something, but it turns out not to be helpful in your case, then don’t give up. Don’t let the panic cover your life. Give it another chance to try out something different help. 

There’s another lesson I have learned while I was coping to overcome panic disorder. You may be the same as me, and you may need to learn many things at multiple levels for the sake of experiencing at once your panic attacks will have disappeared. 

For example, I had to learn how to meditate. Then I meditate every day for almost two years. It was fascinating to learn how to do CBT to myself. I did that for one and a half years. For the first time, I was a little skeptical about that, but I also learned a hyperventilation technique and many more. I firmly believe that all things that I learned were all that contributed to finding the exit from my panic disaster. Slowly slowly, I started to be the change itself.

Taking your life into your hand: Being the change

I will never forget: One day popped up an advert and it caught my attention. It was that day just another panic coach, and just another beneficial panic relief promise up until that day, I already had many hopes. I wanted the solution, not just some little sign where I can spend some money. 

When I opened up for Michael Norman’s Panic Free program enough, then I downloaded his free videos, and I watched them. It turned out my curiosity got up more effectively. I was really up for Michael’s Panic Free program. When I finally decide to move from the front of his website to behind the scene, then I made one of the most significant changes in my life. This one leads me to the highness of Gandhi’s quotes.

After I started the Panic Free program, I started practicing with the Panic Free program accordingly. From the start till the finish, I was the change. I was the change, and the changer entities integrated into one.

Why I’m saying that I was the change? Is it about the money that I paid for to start Michael’s Panic Free program? No. Not at all. It wasn’t about the money. It was all about my worst fear that I had to face. I was the change at every moment when I met my fears. I was that indeed, I could tell. It was almost not doable for me, but from time to time, I got more courage, and it helped me to go further and further. I was the hero, the entity to be the change, who won by “simply” (it was the hardest thing in my life) touching the dragon.

Gandhi’s quotes are working, and they are beneficial panic relief, but

So you want a beneficial panic relief? No problem. It would be best if you could listen to Gandhi’s quotes. There are a few of them that is goes into the core of any PANIC relief. I mean, this one, for example, is my favorite. 

Let me rephrase just a little bit, although there’s no need to rephrase it at all. Being the change-entity to see the world differently makes sense. The decision regarding any changes will change you too. You will not be the same person with a significant decision. 

For example, to change the world, actually your world, from a fearful and panicky world to a thriving-world, you need to change. To see things differently, you need to change yourself. Remember Wayne Dyer’s famous quote? “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” I think this is beautiful. Just as another one of Gandhi’s quotes: “If you want to change the world, start with yourself.”

Perfect game-changer quotes and beneficial panic relief.

beneficial panic relief with gandhi

PANIC relief and conclusion

So I made it. I wrote an article about how I made it. And I believe if I could overcome 15 years of panic disorder, you would succeed too. Remember: “Be the change” and “start with yourself” to see the world differently. Let Gandhi’s quotes teach you and let them be a beneficial panic relief. And if you’d like to ask my help personally, you can contact me on the contact page. If you’d like to do a panic test as well you can reach that page here.

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