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What I wish I had known after I suffered my first panic attack?

knowledge bulb in the night

5475-days thanks to my first panic attack, I wish I had known what’s going to happen. And what happened was 15 years of hell. In other words, my first panic attack transformed into a panic disorder. Even though I have already overcome it 3-years ago or so when I’m thinking back to the first day, … Read more

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Panic attacks and panic disorder: an honest guide

girl sitting with a panic attack

Have you ever experienced intense fear and strengthening anxiety going through you? I have. My last panic attack happened to me about three years ago. I’ve been panic free since that 15 years panic disorder period has come to its end. Thank God. I have learned a lot from that. At next, as well as … Read more

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Panic attack and optical illusion: What is in common with them?

panic illusion

Before we start discussing the panic attack, I’d like to reveal some explanation about optical illusion. Besides its name, it is not just an illusion, but it is an optical illusion. Most people call it a visual illusion as well as eye illusion or even a mind illusion. But what’s fascinating in optical illusions? To … Read more