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Contacting Gabor:

  • 1-hour telephone or Skype coaching for £40
  • The first 1 hour is for only £20
  • 6 Coaching Session paid in one in advance is for £200 only.
  • Please email me at gabor@9abor.com.

What is a telephone or Skype coaching session with Gabor?

Our goal is for you to get better as soon as possible. The way I achieve this goal is to collect as much information as I can that will help me understand the traumatism of your fear. And when I know the direction of coaching that will help you to contribute as best with me to lead you out from your traumatised anxiety or panic or whatever it is.

Why contact Gabor?

The fact is Gabor used to be in the state of panic disorder. However, after 15 years in it, he found the way out of the panic or ‘hell’ on his own. While Gabor was finding the right path that eventually let him walk out from the panicky alarm by leaving behind all his panicky fears, he gained an outstanding ability of empathy. It turned out the empathy, or in other words, the understanding is useful not just for himself but for others too. And it’s because the empathy is one of the best tool apart from the experience of course that could help others to find a shortcut out form the panic.

A few more thoughts before contact Gabor

Gabor has been in panic disorder for 15 years. Today it is now a little more than three years that I’m panic free. Thank God (and Michael Norman) I’ve found the way out from the panic. I firmly believe it is right for you too: If I have been successful in overcoming the fear, then you could be successful also.

I believe in well understanding the nature of your fears. Thanks to my ability of an outstanding empathy as a side effect of my way out from the panic. And also my experiences, of course. All the failures that kept me in the panic, all the mistakes I did and everything. 

I also firmly believe that most of the right coach can help a lot of their clients and it’s because they were experiencing what it takes to suffer for years before they’ve made any progress out of their whatever status quo. 

So with that, I’d say the Suffering is the best master. It’s not an easy way to master whatever you want to learn but it certainly and I’d also say, inevitably it works well. Therefore I believe that you (and me too) were suffering enough, so it’s time to start a new journey, where your trip, of course, is the very personal boulevard of your most (beautiful) promising dream.

Would Gabor be able to help particularly in my case too?

With one main focus, in theory, Gabor can support well the original goal that which is nothing but the fully overcome of the panic. And for that matter, the best practice is building up the confidence and restoring the courage in oneself that eventually will lead out from the current panicky state.

Contacting Gabor isn’t it just time-wasting?

Gabor had the chance to know what works and what doesn’t. As a matter of fact, for him, there was no other way to overcome panic disorder. Therefore there’s a good experience of with the opposite as well. The truth is if, let say, a tool that is here to help to overcome panic, but it turned out it doesn’t help is harmful somewhat then helpful. 

Why is that? Well, it is because everything that reminds you of the fact that you’re fearful that is very counterproductive as it is rather supporting the panic without helping at all. Gabor can help you to eliminate such thing like that.

So what can I gain?

You can gain back who you were before the panic. The best version of yourself is waiting for you desperately. There’s a part of you hiding somewhere inside you. And as you can guess it is not a harmonious symbiosis right now. That causes tension that supports the panic inside you. You can get back your original self by finding a way of transformation. For this reason, I’m here to help you.

In what way contacting Gabor is compatible with psychologist treatment?

Gabor is not a psychologist. Therefore if you need medication, you must follow your physicist. Many people ask me whether it was harmful to be part of a psychologist treatment and Gabor’s coaching? My answer is that the reason it is not detrimental, because we can relatively easily keep an eye on your healthy transformation and it’s easy to control the coaching session as it happens.

If your psychologist therapy currently for you, for example, is all about to control your medication, then it leaves a 100% chance to do what’s best for you in our coaching session.