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Are you feeling a bit unwell? Let us help you! Or maybe you know someone a bit panicky? Let us support your help with your friend or family members.

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Gabor writes about several topics that are all PANIC relief related when you’re looking for help for yourself. If you are looking to help someone else and you would like to learn more about supporting someone else with mental illness, please find this section on this page.

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Support someone with mental illness

In this section, Gabor writes about topics that can give you help to support someone with panic, depression, phobia to provide relief. If you like our posts, subscribe to our newsletter!

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Of course, most people looking for help or solution for ownself. That’s fine. But we all know that sometimes life produces such situations where you’re the one who finds themself at the need to give some help and support for someone else. Either way, I want to help you.

There was a time when I was looking for help. I can not be more thankful that I got help. And so my last panic attack stroke me a little more than 3-years ago. Now it’s time for me to provide relief for someone else, like for yourself. It is whether the help needed for yourself or someone else.

Please tap or click the available tabs below titled “Help for you” and “Help someone” and read my articles in these two categories. I’m here too if you needed help.

getting help for arachnophobia

Getting help for arachnophobia

People often ask the same questions. Is it possible to treat arachnophobia? Or at the least getting help for arachnophobia? And here is one of my favorite subjects that people seem asking often. Who should move out? Me or the spider? I like this one. There’s some truth here. Let’s start with the origin of … Read more
welcome to panic help

Welcome to PANIC Help for you

I do appreciate that you’re here. Even if you’d like to get my help in the first place, I’m happy to have you on this page. I mean, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could be someone shortly who could help someone with panic too? Welcome to PANIC help where there’s support dedicated for you … Read more
supporting someone with arachnophobia

Supporting someone with arachnophobia

When it comes to supporting someone with arachnophobia, there are a few things you can do. In this article, I’d like to discuss a few things that I believe could help you to give better support to a friend who might need assistance with an intense fear of spiders. What is arachnophobia? In other words, … Read more
someone with panic

Someone with PANIC: The welcome guide

First of all, I want to express my gratefulness for this particular moment. And I also want to welcome you right here at the beginning of a journey. I believe this journey is about planning. To take you to the place where you could help someone with panic that their life has to offer. In … Read more