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Fear of leaving the house: a helpful toolbox

You are maybe in a specific situation where you are experiencing intense fear of leaving the house. And for that matter, you choose not to leave the house to stay safe. In this article, I want to give you a specific toolbox. But not only that, but it’s also a hopefully helpful toolbox that you can get immediate anxiety and PANIC relief upon going out and being out from your home.

Diverting the attention from fear of fear

Asking to recall an unpleasant memory as the beginning of an article, perhaps it is not a very wise choice. I know that. But I thought I maybe should still do it in this way. If immediately after that I could turn the whole thing into a positive one.

So I’d like to ask you to recall the memory of your last panic attack or any of the previous occasions of intensely anxious fear. It was an unpleasant one. Now I’d like to point in the same direction but in a positive way. Can you recall that very moment when the panic or anxiety attack started to loosen out, you know when the intensity of the panic began to relieving? Could you remember that very moment?

Now, I want to point out that there’s no panic attack or anxiety attack without the threshold point to begin to relieve the intensity of the fear (or the fear of fear). 

I think being aware of the threshold in panic or anxiety is the key to start trusting in yourself. If you are ready and already believing in yourself to overcome the panic-fear or anxious-fear, than let’s get started by taking a look into the toolbox and found out how the tools are helpful.

Counting backward (and slow down the fear of leaving the house)

Counting backward is a straightforward but handy tool that is great for diverting the attention away from the fear. Or, in other words, the fact that you’re counting backward, you could be well distracted from the fear of fear or panic, anxiety.

How does it work?

Pick up any two figures number. Let’s say you picked up number 53. The counting backward reads like this: 53, 52, etc.

I wish I could ask you directly to experience the magic by yourself while doing the backward counting. I can still ask you to experiment by counting backward. 

Step by step:

  1. Count backward, like 53, 52, 51.
  2. Now continue and insist yourself to keep priority to countback. But also try to distract yourself by reading anything at the front of you while you are counting back.

If you’re like anybody else, the fact is that you can not distract yourself with anything while you are counting back. And this is just the result we are looking for now. 

So now you have at least one tool that is very easy to do and needs a lot of your attention. The side effect of countback is panic, or the fear is willing to go away without your awareness. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know how to use the countback tool to distract yourself away from fear of leaving the house, or a panic attack or anxiety? 

Practice today and tomorrow. Be prepared for the next occasion and use it whenever you needed.

Rubbing and feeling fingers in one hand

In this chapter, I teach you another tool from the helpful toolbox that will be useful for you whenever you need a break off from fear of leaving the house, worry, anxiety, or panicky thoughts.

All you have to do is to feel your skin while rubbing your touching fingers in one hand. For example, it’s easy to touch together one hand’s thumb and index finger. You can feel your fingertips.

But you can take this further too. You can slowly stroke your thumb and index fingertips that creates even more attention-keeping moments. 

By letting your focus on your fingertips as they are touching and stroking of each other, you can enjoy a little break from worry thoughts. And you can have a tool that helps you to escape a little bit from the terrible anxiety.

Slowing down your thoughts

Let me ask you a question. What do you think when is it appropriate to say that your thoughts are fast appearing and disappearing when you’re fearful and threatened or when you’re calm?

It was an easy one, I know. Yes, by the way, you are right. One’s thoughts are indeed fast-paced when there’s a threat at present. On the other hand, in a calm state, the soul is like a tranquil water surface.

Let’s grab our findings of the fast-paced thoughts at a threat, which is excellent if you are suffering from panic attacks. Suppose we could slow the racing thoughts down at the beginning of a panic attack. Or wouldn’t it be beautiful to slow down fast-paced thoughts coming and going rhythm at a high level of anxiety?

It would be fantastic, I guess. Let’s do that then. But how?

Well, try to focus on whatever in your head right now and make it as a slow-mo. You can do it as slow motion as slow you find it almost ridiculous. The more seeing yourself laughing, how slow you made your mind thought patterns, the better it is.

For example, here is the beginning of a worrying thought. “Oh my God,” and you can make it like “O h m y G o d.” Of course, the space between the letters could or should be ridiculously big while the sentence is becoming very slow.


I think one of the best tools of all to support overcoming, to some extent, the fear of leaving the house is the fact to know that there’s no panic attack without the PANIC relief moment—the panic moment when it begins fading away. It is something that, by itself not going to help you, but it will reassure you at least a little bit.

On the other hand, any items of the helpful toolbox or one of them to practice is a great relief too. The secret is to practice as much as you can to be better prepared when the need calls you. I wish you good luck to find a way to get out of the fear of leaving the house with the helpful toolbox.

Welcome to the PANIC help for you, I’m Gabor, and If you’d like to ask my help, I’m only a click away.

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