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Getting help for arachnophobia

People often ask the same questions. Is it possible to treat arachnophobia? Or at the least getting help for arachnophobia? And here is one of my favorite subjects that people seem asking often. Who should move out? Me or the spider? I like this one. There’s some truth here.

Let’s start with the origin of arachnophobia by talking about the causes. The fact is that I’ve got some extent of fear of spiders, mostly at home.

What causes arachnophobia?

No! It’s practically not the spider that causes arachnophobia. It’s eventually the fear within you. The spider is only the object that triggers an alarm inside of you. When there’s suddenly a spider at the front of your eyes anywhere around you, it awakens up the proclivity for fear. You required ages to code such fear of spider.

Arachnophobia is one of the phobias along with others. There’s a list in Wikipedia titled List of phobias to see them. And to be frank, there’s a lot of fear of things or objects or circumstances. By reading them, one (with arachnophobia) could easily say: Gosh, what a bizarre list of phobias!

The causes of arachnophobia remain unresolved. Although there’s a practical view held in evolutionary psychology, that the fear of venomous spiders is evolutionarily natural.

I have my personal opinion on arachnophobia at this point. Instead, we evolutionarily inherited we soon learn it from our childhood. Why? Let me explain.

I think, and I’m starting within my childhood self, we experience our first fear in life at age 2 or 3. If our first fear, that is to say, grow or not going away at age 5 or 6, it can quickly gain new territories. And presently, in my opinion, one of these new territories could be a spider that can sprint like very fast and disappears almost simultaneously. At a very young age, this could be significantly easy to associate with any childhood first fear to carry on. I might be wrong here, so this is only my hypothesis.

Is it ok with me when spiders live in my house?

It is just as ok as it is ok for flyers, etc. to live with them in the house. But if there’s a fear of spiders as well, then it is a different story. Not that as if you needed to move out of your own house because of the spiders. Spiders don’t want you to bother their life. Not at all. They don’t even want to be aware of the fact that you can see them. But there are times when they must be visible for other spiders to make spider family. It’s usually in September.

So the answer to the question of whether it is ok for you with spiders live in your house? Yes. I mean: yes. It depends on their size. I’m kidding.

It’s all on your level of fear that you feel against spiders. If your anxiety is higher, then the number of spiders appear per year in your house, then you should call pest control and stay in your home.

Is arachnophobia a mental illness?

In theory, yes, it is.

But practically speaking, it isn’t.

However, if you were now asking for example that what (the hell) is it now then?

Well, you undoubtedly right. Regarding your question.

Although there’s not any better answer for that, there’s a treatment available. A very typical psychiatric treatment it’s called exposure therapy.

It is my personal opinion if there’s a treatment of something. There must be an illness of that particular treatment. Right? The next chapter is all about that.

Thoughts on how to treat arachnophobia?

It’s my opinion that everybody knows how to treat fear of spiders. Right? So I’m going to explain in this way getting help for arachnophobia.

Let me ask you a question.

Let’s say one day, one of your friends tells you that getting help for arachnophobia would be fantastic. So what would your answer be? Let’s say you agree to help your friend. How would you do to contribute to overcoming arachnophobia?

Let me guess:

  1. First, you would ask your friend to start, particularly watching pictures of spiders. Right? As earlier, running away immediately. And only move on the next one when your friend is feeling ok to watch spiders on images.
  2. Real spider. But from a distance. Only from a safe distance to view the damn spider. During this step, you want to bring your friend to be comfortable with watching real spiders from a distance. Right? At least.
  3. Close encounter. One of the essential stages is undoubtedly a relatively close standing to a spider until your friend is feeling ok with it.
  4. Touch the spider. Emphatically. I mean, it is ok to slice into more slices between numbers three and four. But roughly speaking, the last stage of getting help for arachnophobia is to touch the spider. And believe me, to hand-contact the spider comfortably after earlier arachnophobia, well, it is a huge difference. A huge one!

So my answer to the question on is arachnophobia treatable? I’d say yes, of course, it is, even you know how to do that. The thing is that if you can treat someone else’s arachnophobia, then you can handle yours too.


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