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Inappropriate reaction witnessing someone suffering a panic attack

Have you ever wondered if, let’s say, you’re witnessing someone suffering a panic attack in front of you, whether helping him or her, would it be an inappropriate reaction of yours at all? Well, the article below I just wrote about this topic to help you clarify a few things regarding someone suffering a panic attack.

What is it like witnessing someone suffering a panic attack?

You might have seen it already. If you did so, it might be helpful to recall how the person looked like and what thoughts went through in your mind.

For example, if you see someone doing the leg bounce for a while, it might be a sign of anxiety or a currently panicky mind. If this is the case, it’s a good idea to know that the person might have a panic attack that they want to hide at the front of you. It’s probably better to avoid it and let the person release their fear and let the panic go, and they will eventually calm down.

On the other hand, there’s a neurological condition that is called Restless Leg Syndrome. If you see someone being in an uncomfortable state with their legs with an overwhelming need to move their legs, it’s maybe better just acknowledge it without doing anything. If there’s the case with the restless leg syndrome, the person will eventually move to ease themself from the syndrome.

So whether someone in front of you shaking their legs involuntarily or trying to ease inner tension or panicky state or anxiety, it’s perhaps the best if you don’t disturb them.

When a panic attack strikes, then you may witness as the person’s full body moving as if shaking involuntarily. And at the same time, the hand stretching behind the head as if the head was itching very often. But their head is not itching at all. It’s all about the moving body involuntarily trying to release the inner tension while the panic attack is on.

You are witnessing someone’s face with a panic attack you can see never smiling. It’s very understandable because one’s having a panic attack is suffering very much inside.

A little bit more about a panic attack

It’s likely to happen a few times, in general, to witnessing someone suffering a panic attack while you’re seeing them. You may pick up first his or her facial expression that you might label that it is slightly fearful. The truth is you are very right here.

A panic attack is all about a very intense fear. And when you’re witnessing it, you might start wondering that wouldn’t it be an inappropriate reaction if you don’t do anything about it? Well, in the next chapter, I share with you a few tips that help you consider what is appropriate or what is inappropriate reaction witnessing someone suffering a panic attack. On the other hand, if you’d like to read more about panic attacks and panic disorder, there’s an article that I wrote. I titled as An honest guide.

4 tips that help you understand what might be an inappropriate reaction

My best advice is to read the person carefully who is in front of you currently suffering a panic attack. A few pieces of information in my mind that I’d like to share with you.

1) I’d say it would be an inappropriate reaction to appear being more than visible to someone who is suffering a panic attack in front of you. It’s a good idea to ask the person if they needed any help or a glass of water or anything. But anything else, to be honest, I’d say it would be too much for a person suffering a panic attack in front of you. Please consider when you’re witnessing someone’s panic attack, there’s not much you can do. There’s not much what the person oneself can do as well. It is only the person’s mind who can release the fear at a panic attack.

2) Forcing anything that you think it might be helpful if you were seeing someone with a panic attack, it is an inappropriate reaction. The panic-fear in the person way higher than any goodwill and kindness, unfortunately, that any ad-hoc help could ever offer. If this were the case, there was no mental illness on Earth.

3) Forcing directly or verbally to go and see your shrink is an inappropriate reaction if you were witnessing someone suffering a panic attack. It will never change anything. When someone is already panicky, almost always, the suffering will lead to seeing the doctor eventually.

4) If you’re specifically requested to come over for the night to provide safety with your being, it is a somewhat inappropriate reaction to deny it. If you can, please go, but if you can’t go, it’s fine too. My point is in the short term, if you go over your being will provide safety. Unfortunately, in the long run, it will be deepening the anxiety or panic disorder in them.

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