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Purpose in life with childhood social anxiety: Honest parent guide

Childhood social anxiety could make some false angles when it comes to choosing the best purpose in life, so I thought I’m writing an honest parent guide about it. I want to help you with a better understanding of the importance of social anxiety and life purposes in childhood. First, I’ll begin with childhood social anxiety, and then I wanted to give you my (childhood social anxiety self) storytelling. At the end of this article, I want to summarise and conclude a parent guide.

Social anxiety in childhood

Dear parent, if you think that your child is a bit more like with some social inhibition, then I’d say you may have a good reason to pay attention to your child to avoid further development of childhood social anxiety.

Of course, I can’t be precautious enough here not to pour oil on fire, and I know that. Perhaps I have never written anything article like that if I wasn’t a socially quite inhibition boy in my childhood. I went through on a false-dream life purpose, and after many decades I know now I would have done many things differently if I choose a realistically more achievable goal for myself.

Social anxiety in childhood? Learning problems, inner tension, quietness, inhibition, restlessness, headaches, abdominal complaints without finding any organic cause behind them.

In the school, the child can not perform well enough due to childhood social anxiety that gives social inhibition when the child in the attention of others in the school.

I’d say as a best practice parent guide here that the more attention to talking to teachers and tracking their performance in the school, the more chance to realize as a parent if the child needed professional help with childhood social anxiety.

What is it like finding a purpose in life at a young age with social phobia?

I want to be honest with you. If you don’t mind, I invite you a few decades back in time when I lived my childhood before discussing my purpose in life. With social anxiety in my youth, I did not know that there’s anything wrong with me. At that time, people hypothetically said about me, “Ah, Gabor is ok, he was living with a bit of social inhibition, but he was fine.” Today, forty years later, the same idea about Gabor (me) sounded like this: “Social phobia” or “Social anxiety.”

When my parents and relatives asked about my purpose in life in my childhood, my answers might sound somewhat confident. Nobody knew that it might be wrong, or there was anything better. As a child, I didn’t know what my future might bring to me.

When it came about my purpose in life as a question, I decidedly knew something, though. I want to be socially popular. And I thought if I am a musician, it will fulfill that later in life millions of people will love me as a famous composer. The one purpose in life for me that time in my childhood was the music business. I had big plans. That time I started to learn to play on acoustic guitar. In Hungary, it was an unbelievably great thing to do.

So what is wrong with my purpose in life? 


  1. I did not listen to my parents when they wanted me good.
  2. Losing many life-callings and job opportunities just because I chased a dream of mine that wich without investing and studying a lot was not very promising.
  3. A dream job eventually should fulfill you with an inevitable feeling that your importance has achieved your highest self. It’s best to start at a very young age. I only chased a shadow of mine. That time I thought I need to compensate my social inabilities with something that I thought would eventually be important. That’s why I chose to be a musician as a purpose in life.
  4. That time in my childhood in Hungary to be a world-famous musician was not realistic at all, although there were a few bands, they were great.
  5. My motive was to get an insane amount of love as a successful musician from my fans. But what on earth I wanted to compensate with that so much need of love? Was it any scarcity in love in my childhood when it came to finding a purpose in life? Well, perhaps, I guess.

Parent’s guide supporting children

I’m over fifty right now. Am I blaming my parents for anything? Oh, no, not at all. I am sure my parents supported me the best to be a grown man today. On the other hand, If I am thinking back to choosing a purpose in life, then I feel right now that I wished if I could correct myself. Back then, I wouldn’t want to chase the to be a musician kind of dream of mine. I wish I could have chosen something much more realistically chosen life purpose.

Of course, I’m here now, and what happened is now history. I can not change. However, you maybe want to change or see your child’s purpose in life and helping and choosing from some more new angles.

The parent guide

parent guide
  1. Children with some social inhibition may fall in choosing some unrealistic goal that based on popularity. I mean, it’s ok to run for president or chasing Michael Jackson’s success, but leaving more achievable goals behind without even try it might lead more anxiety to your child. In this parent guide, I’d say one of the most worries is regarding an unrealistically chosen purpose in life in childhood with social anxiety are all the otherwise realistic life goals that were missing. It will likely lead unhappiness, although I’m might be wrong.
  2. If your child has a diagnosis as social anxiety and you’re aware of their social inhibition as well, then it’s a good idea to get some professional help or read some helpful books as soon as possible.
  3. If your child has two or three life purposes, then it might lead them to more happiness in life if you and your child choose more realistic goals. This parent guide is highly stressing this point here.
  4. As of parent, I’d say it’s ok to support your child to encourage them to realize their purpose in life to be realistically achievable. Ask them what else is it that you want to be if you are grown up?
  5. A false-dream track in life as life purpose could easily miss stations that were important otherwise.


I barely forget when I realized that: “Hey, it is vitally important to give caring support your child with childhood social anxiety finding purpose in life.” Then I thought I’m going to write a parent guide to give them the support that is useful with childhood social anxiety.

If you’re reading this particular line, that means you made it till the end of my parent guide. I hope you find it an honest piece of writing, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Please share this article in case you might know some other parents that way, you can help them too. Thank you.

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