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Supporting someone with arachnophobia

When it comes to supporting someone with arachnophobia, there are a few things you can do. In this article, I’d like to discuss a few things that I believe could help you to give better support to a friend who might need assistance with an intense fear of spiders.

What is arachnophobia?

In other words, it is an excessive and irrational fear of spiders. Probably we wouldn’t call it any phobia if that particular fear wasn’t an intense fear believing in being threatened by anything, should be a spider.

The word arachnophobia comes from the Greek word for a spider. In contrast, the phobia part of the arachnophobia remains an intense fear of something. Combining the two-words gives us sense to the whole phrase, which is the fear of spiders.

What are the symptoms, let’s say if you’re supporting someone with arachnophobia? It’s good to know that you can expect someone is reporting overwhelming fear of being poisoned or bitten by a spider. The intense fear causes immediate bodily reactions that increasing heart rate, sweating, anxiety, and even a panic attack.

The above symptoms slightly vary depending on how intense the fear is with someone with arachnophobia. It’s common that you maybe need to give a hand to make sure your child or friend is safe from spiders. 

Now before I inadvertently stated that I did not have an intense fear of spiders. I have to admit that the fact is I do feel fear when I spot a spider suddenly at a corner. It immediately attracts my full attention. If it doesn’t give me palpitations and panic attacks, it never did. But I’m just ready to run at the spot.

What causes arachnophobia? For this question, usually, evolutionary psychology answers. They say: the fear of venomous spiders is evolutionary natural.

In my opinion, although I do not deny the answer given by evolutionary psychology, I think though, the arachnophobia develops in childhood at a very early age. It all starts with our first fear in life at age 2 or 3. This fear stays within the child that usually start growing or spreading a few years later. I mean, the original fear could grow, becoming a more massive object of fear. Or it can spread too. It can be suddenly everywhere in the child’s room. Underneath the bed, for example, and behind the curtain also.

So by my hypothesis, I believe the first fear in a child at age 6 or 7 could quickly jump in or move into a spider when present where the child’s original fear could continue to live.

Supporting someone with arachnophobia with any of these natural ways

There’s a golden rule. If spiders can’t get into your house, you won’t have to deal with the symptoms of arachnophobia. The truth is that even a tiny little whole could be enough for a spider to get through and visit you in the house. So it’s a good idea to use caulk by sealing any gaps around windows, doors, and electrical entry points.

In case you’re supporting someone with arachnophobia, the prevention is always a good idea. What do I mean by prevention? There are a few things you can do to prevent spiders from coming into your house. 

Thoroughly seal up the whole house by using caulk. Prevent spiders from entering the house under your main door by installing a draft excluder. Advise clearing shrubs and plants around the house. It’s a good idea to think about that the less clutter inside the house, providing fewer hiding spots for spiders. And also, if there are no bugs in the house, spiders won’t have anything to eat. So remove the prey.

If it’s safe (child, cat, etc.), it’s a good idea to advise someone with arachnophobia to use spider repelling herbs or essential oils. Vinegar is also a great home solution that is also supposed to deter spiders.

There are traps also available. You are supporting someone with arachnophobia by advising them either a nontoxic sticky trap or a no-kill spider-catching device. The sticky trap works best if placed in strategic places around the house. At the same time, the no-kill catching device picks up the spider, and you can replace it by showing a better place to be.

Curing intense fear of spiders

I have another article posted recently. It’s also about arachnophobia. I detail a method that I believe could be helpful in case you want to give some advice on how to support someone with arachnophobia. If you’d like to check out that article, click on the title: Thoughts on how to treat arachnophobia

If you’re still with me, as I hope so, I summarise the idea right here and right now.

Imagine you have a friend with an intense fear of spiders. And you agree to help your friend to overcome the arachnophobia. Why did you decide so in the first place? Well, because you have an idea. And you call your arachnophobia treatment as common sense.

So what is your approach to treating arachnophobia?

  1. First of all, you ask your friend as a start to watching regularly different pictures of different spiders, right? By watching spider images would be your most straightforward way to get involved in what the person is most afraid of regarding of arachnophobia.
  2. The next stage would be to see real spiders from a safe distance. During this step, you want your friend to come to be ok with watching spiders.
  3. Close encounter. One of the essential stages is undoubtedly a relatively close standing to a spider until your friend is feeling ok with it.
  4. Touch the spider. Emphatically. I mean, it is ok to slice into more slices between numbers three and four. But roughly speaking, the last stage of getting help for arachnophobia is to touch the spider. And believe me, to hand-contact the spider comfortably after earlier arachnophobia, well, it is a huge difference. A huge one!

See? You can do that 😉


If you’d like to come to the point to help someone with arachnophobia, then this article could help you. In the beginning, we summarized what arachnophobia is. Then some practical tips and helps offered some variety of help for someone with a fear of spiders. At the end of this article, we discussed an efficient treatment method that could lead your friend out of being unease to be ease in front of a spider. And this is a big difference that you could give to another person.

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