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Welcome to PANIC Help for you

I do appreciate that you’re here. Even if you’d like to get my help in the first place, I’m happy to have you on this page. I mean, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could be someone shortly who could help someone with panic too? Welcome to PANIC help where there’s support dedicated for you and to someone with anxiety or panic through you. But let’s get started with the truth about PANIC help. (That is going to be not very pleasurable to read!)

PANIC help golden rules

  • There’s nobody, but only you can overcome your fear or anxiety or panic.
  • Your panic is only yours. You can’t share it, nor anybody helps to carry your burden.
  • Nobody can give you naturally anything as panic help. However, you can find some ideas helpful. And this particular idea outlines the map where one’s support (as well as including mine) could get.
  • When you’re about getting someone’s help regarding your panic, you should be aware that it is only a piece of advice.
  • Panic is suffering, and nobody can take part in your suffering. Every moment is a choice. Therefore you choose what to do at this moment. You can stop suffering right now, or you can continue suffering. There’s, however, a relieving idea at this moment: the promise for the next moment.
  • The fear, anxiety, and panic makes you stronger via suffering. If you surrender for your pain, it also means that you have already accepted your worries (and anxiety or panic). And that’s okay. Remember, your fear is only your panic. 
  • Your panic will never take away from you by someone else. It is not contagious too.
  • You are making an effort regarding your panic at this moment to preserve it as it is. You are making sure right now not to let go of your panicking.
  • It’s not panic that gives you pain. It is the tension between your desire and reality. When you want to get rid of panic, that means that you want to stop sensing the tension between reality and your craving for need.

One more gold

  • So how on earth one supposed to help you after all? Imagine a road where are. The panic indicates that this road is a wrong track in your life. The decision is all yours to stop suffering. It’s like a junction where you can turn left or turn right by free will. Let’s say for the sake of analogy, the left turn is your wrong track, but the right one is your way out of suffering. At this point, it makes sense to ask someones’ help. The one is helping you is going to be helpful for you. Why? Because there’s someone who is watching you whether you’re still on your right track moving out of suffering or you’re getting on a diversion. Your helper is your guard on your way watching you and keeping you always on the road. Welcome to panic help.

The psychological significance of helping someone with PANIC.’

Although this is the Welcome to panic help, an opening post dedicated to helping you, it is essentially the help itself. In a sense, I’d say it doesn’t matter if the support is directing to be your support to get better. Or the help is dedicated to being the support that is to be your help for someone who might desperately need help with panic. It doesn’t matter.

I mean, it does! It is undoubtedly essential to make a distinction between receiving help or giving help. I’m sorry. I know it is obvious what’s the difference. But perhaps it’s less evident that there’s a natural way of walking out from the burden of panic-suffering.

Let me explain.

  1. Dedicate yourself today to help someone with fear or panic by deciding that you’re going to get better every day step by step.
  2. Beautiful goal indeed! Now take your first step by starting with yourself to get better. (You may need some help. Go for it!)
  3. Learn and listen to what teaches your panic to you.
  4. If you are feeling better, allow yourself to educate yourself.
  5. Be a positive example for your community.
  6. If you can be even better being entirely out of your panic, then be even more positive example to your community.
  7. If you’re entirely out of the panicking fear, then hurra! Help more people if you can.

If you’re ready 😉
I’m here.

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