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Welcome to the PANIC Tests page, where I regularly post helpful questionnaires for you. I design and write all surveys to make sure that it will give you an immediate answer to your questions. Generally speaking, perhaps there’s one underlying question or two: “I was shaking! What was it?”

As an answer, I’d like you to welcome my PANIC Test page. All content here provides tests for you to help you better understand your current situation.

  • Immediate result. Literally zero waiting time. Practically the panic investigation results in you while you’re reading the panic questions.
  • Easy to use. Very simple, because the panic test consists only yes/no answers.
  • There’s no mistake regarding the panic test answers, and no-one knows better what to answer than you. And it is right for the panic inspection results as well.
  • Sure. Why? Because nobody can respond any better, than you could evaluate the analyses.

Welcome to PANIC Tests

I want to begin by thanking you for taking a moment to click on the link: the link that’s connecting you and me at this moment. Welcome to panic tests, and I appreciate the fact that you’re here. “Time of extreme.” We could say that. Especially at this time, I’m writing this welcome article for…

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the ‘Help’ page

If you’ve done with your questionnaire for today, then maybe you’d like to look around at the Help page too. The ‘Help’ page that is genuinely dedicated to providing help. First of all, you naturally find support for yourself regarding panic. Of course. But also, you can find articles that I wrote to provide insights to make it easier when you’d like to give help to someone else with anxiety, depression, or panic. Feel free to look around on the ‘Help’ page.