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Panic attack test: Why you should be using it

Have you ever thought that last time when you experienced that intense fear, whether it was a panic attack or something else? Well, it’s relatively easy to figure it out if it was a panic attack. This panic attack test has its design to make it easy for you to understand what it was you went through last time. Even if you’re limited in time right now, it only takes a few minutes to complete the panic attack test. And the instant result? No waiting time at all. While you finish this one here, the test result will be available for you at the end right away, which comes quite handy for you as you are not relying on sending any of your sensitive data. It’s, as a result, 100% confidential. Ready? Let’s get started.

Did you feel all of a sudden as if your heart was beating in your throat?
Oh yes! Totally! Now that heart palpitation was so damn scary! I thought I was going to die in the spot.
No, not really. It was some heart palpitation, though, but it didn’t last too long, thank God.

Panic attack test

Please answer these questions with the best of your knowledge and honestly.

Did you feel all of a sudden as if your heart was beating in your throat?

Oh yes! Totally! Now that heart palpitation was so damn scary! I thought I was going to die in the spot.
No, not really. It was some heart palpitation, though, but it didn’t last too long, thank God.

Did you experience a strong palpitation at night?

I did, and it was as if my heart was going to jump out of my chest.
No. I used to feel, but I know that usually fluttering in the chest is not dangerous, right?

Did your heart beat faster than usual without any reason? Was it a rapid or fast heartbeat that you experienced?

Indeed. Racing heart and I didn’t do any exercise or anything like that.
No. I mean, sometimes yes, when I’m in the gym and exercising.

Did you experience sudden sweating?

Yes. I almost felt like the water practically knocked me out! So yes, I did.
No. I’m fine.

With stress, many people feel anxiety shaking. Did you experience shaking, or worsening tremors, or internal tremors?

Yes, I did feel shaking. And also, I experienced worsening internal tremors.
I was like shaking a little bit, but I understand it was perhaps cold yesterday, and that’s why.

Did you feel last time as if shortness of breath started suddenly?

Yes, that’s right. I was like struggling to breathe or as if gasping. It was horrible and scary.
No, thank God, although it sounds scary.

Do you know what hyperventilation is? Did you encounter that, you know, taking in quick and short breaths?

That’s right. That’s exactly happened to me at the same time when the panic and anxiety occurred.
I know what hyperventilation is, so it’s safe to say I did not experience that.

Did you feel pain in your chest last time, perhaps alongside some discomfort feeling?

Tell me about it! I thought I have a heart attack. But thank God, it was not a heart attack. I know I’m enlightened now. I know it was a panic attack.
Nothing like that.

Did you feel like you’re choking?

Yes, I did have that strange choking sensation. (So it wasn’t reflux-disease, was it?)
I did not have this symptom.

Did you have any unpleasant abdominal cramps or pain or upset stomach?

Yeah, stomachaches. I had that.
My stomach is strong. I can even digest the iron nail 🙂

Did you experience you were about to faint or being light-headed or feeling dizzy? Perhaps all at the same time?

Yeah, totally. It was undescribable horrible.
Wow, no, I did not.

Was it any difficulties due to any social situation? Like an overwhelming fear of people, for instance?

Yes. And especially last time, it was terrifying.
I love people, generally speaking.

Did you experience intense fear due to a situation where it was impossible to avoid a traveling situation?

Whether I experienced intense fear? God, it was a panic attack, I guess.
I love traveling, roughly speaking.

Was it like if it was unreal? Do you know what I mean, as if you are floating above your surroundings when it’s like being detached? Did you feel anything like that?

Yes. And I barely knew where I was.

You know, one of the symptoms of anxiety or panic attack is the feeling of losing control or going crazy. What about you?

I know! It was the scariest experience ever. Brrr, I thought I’m going crazy.
Yeah, I heard about that, but I was just fine.

Have you ever experienced an intense fear where you felt strongly fear fo dying?

Yes. The last panic attack was all about that. I thought I was going to die.

Did you feel numbness or tingling sensations? Especially on your wrists or anywhere in your limbs?

Yeah, you’re right. That sensation in my wrists was horrible that caused me so intense fear and panic.
Very rarely, I’m fine.

Did you experience intense fear and hot or cold flashes at the same time?

I did. Mostly cold. Or I can’t remember cold or hot it was. I only remember that I don’t want to feel that again.
It depends. 😉 Just kidding.

Ever since the last intense fear happened to you, does it seems you can’t stop thinking about it by trying to figure out how to avoid next time?

Yes. It’s true. I could do everything just to prevent or avoid any situation like it was.
There’s nothing to avoid.

How to use the above panic attack test? Answer at your best knowledge honestly to yourself. If you counted (in you), there are more green color answers than perhaps it was just an intense fear; otherwise, it might have been a panic attack.

Why should you be using the above test?

The best part of this DSM-5 based panic test above is perhaps the fact that it is resulting in your mind. So we can say the result is immediate. And there’s no waiting time too. And it is not just directly in you, but also it is reliable too. I’ll explain it.

There’s nobody can know better than you what happened to you last time when you perhaps experienced an intense fear or panic attack. The above panic test questions would provide you a thorough lead to help direct your thoughts to ask yourself the right questions. I believe there’s quite misleading sometimes to state or diagnose someone as mentally ill. 

So jump into the panic attack test questions and let direct your thoughts to open up to understand more thoroughly that intense fear last time. It will give you the immediate result at no time and confidently.

If you feel you’d like to discuss your feelings regarding the result, you can reach me out, and I can help you with better understanding.

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