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Welcome to PANIC Tests

I want to begin by thanking you for taking a moment to click on the link: the link that’s connecting you and me at this moment. Welcome to panic tests, and I appreciate the fact that you’re here. “Time of extreme.” We could say that. Especially at this time, I’m writing this welcome article for panic tests. The coronavirus situation made it much harder for all of us. And not just for those who’s lives were hard enough because of any kind of anxiety. Or panic, depression, etc. 

If Google could tell us about how many people looking for a solution for mental difficulties? What would Google Search tell us? And I don’t mean by exact number or anything like that. But I do say that it is much more than usual. For them (or for you), I open this section or category to provide tests that I design to help you to give a better understanding of your current mental situation. So I want to thank you again for taking the time to read my PANIC Tests articles. And I also hope that you can find answers to your questions. 

After the first panic attack

Shaking legs for an hour at the least.
Then 15 years of panic disorder.
But this is only my panic story.
Yours, of course, it is very different from mine. 
Why does Gabor say that?
Well, because of two reasons.

First of all, I assume you’re possibly only had one or two panic attacks recently. On the other hand, it is much easier to get reasonably helpful support today. If you need any help with any mental problems, you can get it. It is more straightforward than it was around 20 years ago.

This first Welcome to PANIC Tests is an opener post to open up possibilities for everyone to get confident regarding where you are right now regarding panic.

About PANIC Tests

At the next one titled “What’s next” I summarise some of the features of the PANIC Tests. You may be wondering why not here? You’re right. Although I wanted to emphasize a little bit of the possible impact of doing a panic test by leaving it by the very end of this welcome to panic tests article.

Generally speaking, the benefit of a panic test is to get to know where you are to know where to go from there. So I want to open the panic tests category by showing you first some of the great benefits of doing some tests.

What’s next?

I suggest trying my first Panic attack test. And it also has some useful features that you might helpful.

  • Immediate result. Literally zero waiting time. Practically the panic test results in you while you’re reading the panic test questions.
  • Easy to use. Very simple, because the panic test consists only yes/no answers.
  • There’s no mistake regarding the panic test answers, and no-one knows better what to answer than you. And it is right for the panic test results as well.
  • Reliable. Why? Because nobody can respond better than you to evaluate any panic tests.

And if you’d like to have any questions regarding any tests on these pages, feel free to reach me out. I’m here to help you.

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